!!!Act [No.22] ART Section - Paquete Semanal - Cuba Biennial, 2019

Today is the opening day of the Havana (Cuba) Biennial of Contemporary Art. “ABC: A Lesson in History”, the latest project which stems from the Vox Populi archive, is part of this event and can be found in the !!!A R T Section of the ‘ Paquete Semanal.’

The Weekly Package (Paquete Semanal) is an informal medium for the circulation of information, which specializes in entertainment content. With 1 TB of capacity, the WP has national distribution through a weekly subscription service. This initiative has no institutional support; behind the compilation and circulation of this database, there is a widespread network based on a hand-to-hand distribution system. The cost of the Weekly Package is approximately 2 dollars. 

!!!A R T Section reproduces the Weekly Package concept; both are based in a folder/directory structure to be consumed while offline. !!!A R T Section follows the Weekly Package rules, avoiding the use of pornography or political materials. However, because of its artistic nature, !!!A R T Section pushes the limits of what can be understood as both pornography and political content. Inside !!!A R T Section takes place a circulation of art news, current and upcoming gallery openings, books, documentaries and open calls for artists.

!!!A R T Section includes a virtual gallery, the F O L D E R =gallery=, which is designed as a space for artworks specifically created to be displayed in the context of the Weekly Package. To make this possible, artist Nestor Siré, in collaboration with the guest artists, also becomes the curator of these works. Since 2015, artists, writers, designers, filmmakers, and curators, both Cuban and foreign, had participated in the en F O L D E R =gallery=. These guests have taken into account for the creation of their works, not just the Weekly Package particularities, but also its national reach, and the devices that these audiences use to consume the artworks –mostly in computers or television sets with USB ports.

In the context of the Havana Biennial, !!!A R T Section will launch a daily work through its F O L D E R =gallery=. As a whole, these works will consist of a collective exhibition under the title “!!!Act [No.22]” (or in English “The Update”).

Taking advantage of the recent evolution of the Weekly Package into a daily updated database, we will make the artworks available in the street stands which are also selling spots for the Weekly Package. However, the artworks will also be available through the regular weekly subscription. For practical reasons, and only for this month, !!!A R T Section will be reduced to 1 GB.

The works distributed in The Weekly Package will fall into the public domain and at the same time, reach approximately ten million people throughout the country.

Facebook - Instagram: @seccion_arte

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