Kunsthal Charlottenborg, #WhatIf is part of the CPH Dox festival and runs from 16th of March until May 21st 2018

[...] Inspired by the impact that social and political experimental projects have had on society, particularly in the 1960s-70s, #whatif presents a number of contemporary artists who attempt to rethink and change current political and social structures through their practice. [...]

Curator Irene Campolmi invited a number of contemporary artists selecting artistic projects that, by unfolding this topic with critical insight, answer to the hypothetical question ‘what if’ within a range of problematic current political and social issues.

Featured artists
The exhibition presents sculpture, installations and films by Larry Achiampong, Lara Baladi, Forensic Architecture, CATPC & Renzo Martens, Naeem Mohaiemen, Marcus Lindeen and Tomás Saraceno [...]