Archiving a Revolution in the Digital Age


Paper prototype video for the interactive and immersive web based installation,Vox PopuliArchiving a Revolution in the Digital Age. © Lara Baladi 2015.

“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.” 

Rudyard Kipling


Tahrir Square stands as one of our most digitally documented and disseminated event in modern history. It has become the archetype of a global phenomenon that has marked the beginning of the 21st century.

Vox Populi, Archiving a Revolution in the Digital Age, is an interactive timeline of the Egyptian revolution and its aftermath in the form of an immersive installation. It is a tribute to the 2011 Egyptian revolution and its impact on and resonance with the uprisings and socio-political movements that followed, and continue to do so worldwide.

It is a multilayered and mutable narrative in which the data and metadata are interlinked and displayed across a chronological timeline of events. Based on Internet archives related to Tahrir Square, Youtube videos, photos, graffiti, articles and further data converge into a contemporary fresco, a monument to the symbolic event that was, and still is, Tahrir Square.

This literal transmedia painting tableau vivant is positioned at the intersection of creative technologies, the digital archive, contemporary art and innovative forms of the documentary arts.

Ultimately, Vox Populi, Archiving a Revolution in the Digital Age offers an architectural frame for the many historical events and socio-political movements that resonate with the name Tahrir Square.


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